Schooled by my little Magdalene

I’m updating the blog with a few shorter posts from Instagram from the last few months. So bear with me as I pop a few posts up here in the next few days.

Today’s lunch included melted cheese on toast, leftover homemade soup (I just had to throw that in there), an avocado and water.

Maggie has been in a ‘NO, We can’t’ phase with eating lately. She is 2 in just 20 days so it’s her prerogative I suppose. But it’s been a real battle to get her to eat anything as of late and I’ve been obsessing over how to help her want to eat.

For as long as I can remember whenever I sit down for a meal I always save the best for the last. I hoard it to end on and bask in my final bites of a meal.

Today’s hoarded item was a crustless corner of cheese toast. As I went to eat it Maggie looked at me with her big blue eyes, pointed at the piece of cheesy, yummy toast and and said ‘Peeezz, Mama. Peeezz’ in all her toddler sweetness.

Truthfully I hesitated because I didn’t want to give it up. But in the spirit of being a nurturing mother who doesn’t want their child to starve, I handed it over annoyed to be missing out.

And then there was an uncomfortable truth staring me in the face. When I am at my worst as a mom I am just agonizing over the fact that I can’t give my best. And when I’m in a comfortable place to give my best, I still hesitate.

So that was hard and awkward to realize.

Thankfully I could look right at my (almost) 2 year old for a better example. She truly is very forgiving when I am weak and selfish and loves me day and night without hesitation.

And there you have it, I’ve been schooled by my little Magdalene once again


First posted April 6th 2017 on Instagram


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