New every morning

I’m updating the blog with a few shorter posts from Instagram from the last few months. So bear with me as I pop a few posts up here in the next few days.

If you know me it is no surprise that I am not a get up and go find a sunrise first thing in the morning person. I’m more of a sit around drinking coffee, slowly nibbling away at a yummy brunch and needing a shower real bad by the afternoon type of person.

This morning when I was up for the 6 AM feed I could see this orange glowing light peeking through my blinds. After a burp, I put Rémi down and opened them up. It was the most beautiful thing I’ve seen since my little boy was born 6 weeks ago. There was a golden pinky orange band of light stretching up from the silhouette of the mountains. As time passed it touched more and more of the clouds above it highlighting their shape.

I told Robbie to look (don’t worry he was already awake due to our noisy, dramatic eater). He tried to take a photo, but there was no doing it justice. Instead he took a few shots of the light hitting us.

So there I was in the comfort of my bed taking in this perfect sight thinking ‘Wow, talk about mercies being given new every morning.’ I would never seek this out, but my loving Creator brought it to me like he was outstretching his hand to me saying ‘You’ve got this Laura.’

Having 2 kids is no joke (and neither are you if you’re still reading 😉), but I’m doing it. And in all the doing I’m reminding myself to be present and open to learn in my practical school of sanctification.


First posted April 4th 2017 on Instagram 




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