Happy 6 months


Today we are celebrating 6 months with you. 6 months since I first saw your face, a face that is written on my heart. 6 months of the holy mundane and of momentous milestones. 6 months of the difficult and perfect moments of being your mother that sometime come one right after the other.

You have redirected my sense of autonomy to help you forge yours. You are the treasure I waited for, a perfect gift from God.

We have grown together slowly grasping who this all-important person is before us. I delight in your fake little cough, your first language. I so love when you pull me in and hold my head as tight as you can, sometimes getting a good latch on my chin. I anticipate your sweet smiles every morning that follow your little feet flapping up and down telling us you are awake. I can even appreciate your determination as you fight going to sleep as I rock and sway and bounce and squat with you. There is a sweet, feisty little spirit in there learning what she wants and when it’s worth fighting for.

I for one, have never loved quite like this.

Today you were a little more cuddly than usual. Maybe its because those two little teeth are giving you some discomfort or maybe its because you too sense this is a special day.

Happy 6 months my Maggie. You are my joy.



My Girl

My Girl


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