My beloved companion in all things baking

Hello again!

I’ve been thinking lately about how you can measure the time since something significant has passed. Come November 29th we will celebrate 2 and a half years of marriage. In that time all sorts of wonderful, adventurous and crazy things have happened. At the end of all our adventures we come back to our home base where all our things await us.

And this is where we see the evidence of the time we have spent together. We have all the usual things people have in their houses: a few beds, couches, dishes and so on and so forth. In every household I suspect that there is one similarity in the kitchen, an area of unmatched clutter that normally refuses to get itself in order for more than an afternoon or so. I speak of the pile/drawer/cupboard/closet full of plastic to-go containers. How on earth do these things multiply? If we were to consider them a living thing, you would be very puzzled to consider how on earth there are so many of them, yet their gene pool results in so many mismatched lids and bottoms.

I suppose I am embarrassed of this particular clutter as I take a lot of pride in my kitchen gadgets. I appreciate the functionality that these items bring to my life. Yet, I often think about how ridiculous this is in the practical sense as the hearty prairie living ancestors of my past certainly did not have the advantage of a blender, a rice cooker, or a waffle maker in their kitchen.

Yet, in these nearly 2 and a half years of marriage I have been blessed with all sorts of kitchen related items. Yet, looming in the back of my mind was the thought that I had yet to own the greatest convenience item/work of art of all in my collection: the kitchen aid stand mixer.

The problem with this particular item is that it has caused a rift in my marriage. It has perpetually placed a wedge between myself, a well meaning wife who loves to create baked goods, and my dear husband, a man of simplicity, seeking to own little to nothing that goes beyond our basic needs. If we could camp the rest of our lives I’m sure he would be happy.

When we got back from our honeymoon, we had a lovely gift opening a few days after. We were overwhelmed with gift upon gift. It was incredible. A few days later it dawned on me that my dream of owning a kitchen aid stand mixer did not come true. I then placed this dream somewhere in the back of my mind. But, like a prairie dog (the most hilarious of animals in a full out run) it would pop up randomly. As time progressed, I found myself thinking about owning, holding, maybe even spending afternoon naps embracing such a stand mixer. It just kept coming up. I should have kept my mouth shut, but the long story short is, that I didn’t. Oops.

So for many months I would mention my desire for the most wonderful of appliances. Robbie, on the other hand, resisted any conversation of such a gift. I found this very difficult because I knew that I didn’t need it. But, there have been so many wants that I’d learned to shut down over the last few years of relative newlywed-ish poverty. I admit that knowing my 25th birthday was coming up, I began to have dreams or rather delusions, of obtaining one.

In the first week of October at lunch one of my coworkers who recently had a birthday was explaining that her husband had bought her a new stand mixer for her birthday. You can imagine that I had a hard time not voicing my current dilemma. A few days later she asked if I was interested taking over the care, use and maintenance of her old stand mixer. I obviously agreed. It was the perfect solution. I would get a stand mixer, for free and second hand, two amazing qualifications to appease the husband. Somewhere in the back of my mind I also considered that when this stand mixer did bite the bullet I would be totally justified in getting a new one. It was a win win, a perfect end to a ridiculous marital dispute.

A week before my birthday I walked into school to see sitting on the table in the staff room a beautiful red kitchen aid stand mixer. I took a photo and sent it to Robbie in an email with the subject line ‘Sometimes dreams do come true,’ and inside the email the only line I wrote was ‘Even if its not because of you. Looking back on this, that was perhaps in the top 10 jerkiest moments of my life thus far given whats coming next.

Robbie got the email and his heart sunk as his eyes looked upon a beautiful, red kitchen aid that looked like it was purchased yesterday. He knew I was going to get this stand mixer because there is nothing about me that that man doesn’t know. But what he knew that I didn’t know was that he was organizing with friends and family all over the place to collectively buy me the Artisan stand mixer for my 25th birthday. For months he had been exaggerating his admittedly somewhat real disgust not for the kitchen aid stand mixer, but for what it represents.

I got home that night and took him out to the car to show him my most fabulous prize. Then he had to break the news to me. Good news of course, but new that was more confusing then he had bargained for.

He had played me. He has a habit of doing such a thing, and I can’t even be mad because its all to trick me into thinking I’m not going to ever, ever have the slightest hope of having what I long for.

So here I am now, a full month and a bit past my 25th birthday, and I have received not 1, but 2 Kitchen Aid Stand Mixers. I mean, really, is that a sign of a blessed life or what?

When you are 25 you don’t need multiple birthday candles, you just need one. And it better be vanilla scented.

In true de Fleuriot fashion, after much debate that included hearing the good opinion of our friends and family, have decided to pay forward what is now my extra stand mixer. I sent it to a new home, one with an adorable close to 2 year old girl and my good friend Emily who now benefits from my co-workers birthday and my own. I’ve already had brownies that were a result of the stand mixer. Yum.

I had to wait a while for mine to come in from Canadian Tire. So I present to you, my most coveted kitchen item, my beloved companion in all things baking, my most excellent stand mixer in the divine color of pistachio. On its maiden voyage we created a lovely batch of chocolate chip cookies. On Sunday night we journeyed to the land of banana chocolate chip muffins together. And yesterday, we made meringues, in record time no less. Oh the places we’ll go.

This is what bliss looks like.

You cannot capture the beauty. Trust me, I tried.

Can you see me? And my handsome dishwasher?


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