Somebody Loved

The last few days have brought a new optimism to our little home. Robbie has been removed from the depths of exams and now joins us in the land of those not solely concerned with modalities, manipulations (the good kind), cardio respiratory health, orthopedic assessment, and integrated practice. We have since enjoyed the lovely things of Spring such as spontaneous trips to Dried Meat Lake (yum), late night runs, BBQ’s, picnics, and lots of tea. It is so very good to have this little pocket of time before things pick up again next week when he starts his first 6 week placement. This puts us only 6 weeks away from our summer adventures which includes a trip across our great country (and a little dabbling in the Northern United States too). It will also be highlighted by 5 weddings including 2 family weddings!


A little Saturday afternoon getaway

Also, at the end of May we will celebrate 2 years of marriage.

Which brings me back to the original subject at hand. The dear man I call Roberto, Robbie, Love, and occasionally Ma hot ma Robbie after Mahatma Ghandi.

In these spaces of time where we just get to be with each other I think back to the beginning. I think back to the intensity of falling in love. To the intensity of catching each others eye from time to time. I remember only hours after we had decided to start dating holding his hand on the now closed down Albion Ferry in Fort Langley as it made its trip across the Fraser River. It was thrilling. I remember waking up the next morning and giggling while I lay in bed realizing all that had happened the night before. It was as if I had not a care in the world, all during the midst of my first set of University exams.

We prayed a Novena (a 9 day prayer with a specific intention) in secret together to discern whether we should start dating. We did this to keep as much of a clear head as possible in our discernment. This was honestly more of Robbie’s idea than mine, but it was probably more for my benefit in the end. So I had to keep the fact that the boy I had pined over for so long and I were discerning a relationship from my dear friend Sarah. The morning after we took the leap of dating over a Chai Tea Latte and a London Fog we both attended mass at RPC. As he left for class he said goodbye to me and held and then brushed the back of my arm in such a way that gave everything away. I turned around to see Sarah who I knew had witnessed this. It was one of those moments where I could fully anticipate her reaction before I actually beheld it. Her eyes were almost bursting out of her head. OH the joy of spilling all those days of pent of emotion to my dear friend. A flurry of words burst from my mouth explaining everything that had happened.

4 and a half years later I took the greatest trek of my life down the aisle at St. Nic’s which included a little happy dance about half way down where at the end my Ma hot ma waited for me crying tears of joy. I wish I could bottle up those tears and keep them forever. They were worth the wait!

Do you see them?

And now 6 and a half years later we have gone places I hadn’t even heard of (any guesses?) We’ve tried our darnedest to listen to the Holy Spirit and where he is guiding us. We’ve done hard things together. We left everyone and everything that was familiar to us as a couple. We built up a great life and community in 11 short months only to pick up again and try something new. Robbie’s degree is so much more than a set of skills and a piece of expensive paper. It’s another way that we’ve learned to live in the fluidity of the Holy Spirit. That is hard for me to remember when we’re in the midst of it. If anything I’m writing this now to read it during the next set of exams to give me perspective that I know I will need.

The excitement of those first moments certainly does not rule our day to day lives. But butterflies do still make their way into my gut when I catch his eye from time to time. Instead, in our day to day interactions I get to see how truly loving and giving he is on a practical level. It’s Robbie at his best.

He is, without a doubt, the kindest, most patient, caring person I know. He is, without a doubt, the silliest person I know. He is so good for this restless and impatient heart of mine.

Toughing it

The only problem in marrying him is that I often feel I’ll never be able to truly appreciate him for who he is. This is a problem that maybe isn’t so bad after all.

We have built a life together. That is mind blowing idea. That we’ve done what we set out to do all those years ago when Robbie asked me to ‘discern marriage together.’

Sometimes in the midst of all these changes and developments I wonder, “So God, What exactly is the plan?”

To which He replies, “Laura, This is the plan!”

And I stand in awe that we’re in the midst of it.

And I stand in awe that I live with Robbie who has persistently turned me into Somebody Loved.

And life goes on.



4 thoughts on “Somebody Loved

  1. Whoa!!!!!!! great entry Laura (and Robbit-Ma-Ghandi! 😉 )
    I really enjoyed unexpectedly reading it!!!
    see you and hear you one fabulous unit in a couple of weeks, yet at another wedding!

  2. Haha that last comment was me, accidentally signed in with my little sister’s account. Well anyway, I think you two are awesome.

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