Lip Smaker Legitimacy and Dust Bunnies

Another beauty by Roberto. He totally beats me with his instagram skills.

So it was a tough week. This substitute teacher had her hands full once again. Such is life. In the midst of this strenuous week of teenage wrangling I started to wonder what my students really think about me, which is potentially dangerous territory for any teacher. For some reason the following was one of the first thoughts that came to mind.

~Sometimes I Wonder~

… or as Robbie likes to say

~I Often Wonder Why~

Is my legitimacy as an adult compromised by the fact that I still religiously use a vanilla Lip Smacker? Does this reveal my age? Do I now have to start using Carmex or Blistex in order to prove my adulthood. The thing is that I just can’t get enough of the vanilla Lip Smacker. My sister Jen got me hooked when I was a young girl. I always enjoyed Lip Smackers, starting with flavors such as bubblegum and strawberry. They truly were flavors since they were quite tasty. I have heard the confession of many friends of mine that they took a nibble or two of Lip Smackers at some point. However, as I grew older, like in many areas of my life, I began to find that the most classic flavor, style or look remained the most appealing to me and what’s more vanilla than vanilla? So here I am, at the age of 24, a semi-adult who still uses a vanilla Lip Smacker. Do you think this makes me look a little foolish? I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’d also love to hear who else is past the age of 16 and still dabbles in the world of Lip Smacker lip nourishment from time to time.

Vanilla perfection

How did dust bunnies get their name? As I was sweeping this evening I realized that this name is quite odd. To me they do look like little fast moving bunnies running around the room trying to avoid the inevitable sweep of the broom. But in all honestly where is the hopping action? According to the reputable source of wikipedia they are also referred to as dust mice, so my theory I think is quite sound. Wikipedia also states that “Dust bunnies are harmful to electronics, as they can obstruct air flow through heat sinks, severely raising temperatures and shortening the life of electronic components.” These little household dust critters are perhaps as harmful as their rodent namesake.

…On another note, as I was cleaning the apartment today I thought to myself that cleaning should really be renamed “bobby pin hunt.” That would surely make things more interesting and turn cleaning into a feat of finding the most useful, but elusive hair item under the sun. That sounds much more exhilarating to me.

Today’s count: 1.

Now for a look into the lives of dust bunnies. You might never look at them the same again.


3 thoughts on “Lip Smaker Legitimacy and Dust Bunnies

  1. I don’t think I’ve used Lip Smackers since high school (my favourite was watermelon kiwi, or something along that line)…but you’ve got me seriously reconsidering my Neutrogena habit.

    Just think of yourself as a hipster, whipping out the old school fads. Although, if you’re looking for a stodgy, old-fogey lip chap, Neutrogena’s the way to go!

    • I have to say that when it hits anywhere below -15 degrees then the lip smackers are pretty much useless, except for the taste/smell factor. I do whip out the blistex, but only when absolutely necessary… that stuff tastes terrible.

      And I like the hipster idea. Some of the kids I teach, who are in Junior high I might add, probably have no idea what they are. I could make a lesson out of it: things that were cool in the 90’s. I’ll be sure to include Nano pets. Now thats uber hipster.

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