Made up words and happy teeth

After a weekend in Calgary we are back again in Camrose where the weather is still remaining totally Fall-esque. Thank goodness. On our drive down on Friday evening the Albertan sky was filled with unprecedented beauty. So what do you do when you see such beauty? You observe it in awe and then instagram it up. As we drove I could see that Roberto had a shot in mind so the husbando instructed me on the angle that the photo should be taken while we zipped down the QE2 highway. I did snap a few of my own, but Robbie’s photos are always way niftier than mine. Below is the result of my iPhone tapping skills and Robbie’s directing, editing and rotating skills.


~Sometimes I Wonder~

Does anyone else smush words together to create a word that doesn’t necessarily exist but makes perfect sense in your own head. I’ve been noticing that I do this… alot. Thankfully I’ve been able to contain it to my inner thinking and haven’t said one of my made up words out loud. This would especially be bad in the classroom as students seem to instantly jump on every mistaken word that comes out of a teachers mouth, especially when this teacher is a substitute ‘guest teacher.’ Let’s be honest though, I was that kid. So to be more specific here is an example. I do have a few other word smushes that I do use on a regular basis (internally of course), but I just cannot dig them out of my brain.

  • Grossgusting. Firstly, that word just looks unappealing in and of itself. And the way that it comes off the tongue is also quite disagreeable. I think that this combo word uses the strong O emphasis of the word gross and the heavy influence of the latter half of disgusting to bring it to a whole new level. On top of that the double use of G really emphasizes the dense feeling of the word. The definition of such a word is obvious: something repulsive beyond compare. I personally think that this could be in the dictionary within a few years if I got some supporters and pushed for it. It would especially take off with the help of this man who has successfully altered our dictionaries to include more truthiness. Oh the power of the social media.

Is there anything more satisfying then brushing your teeth at the end of the day? I get extremely excited to transform my teeth from fuzzy uncomfortable tusks to smooth pearls of purity every evening. The end of each of our days is always filled with at last 2 cups of tea, which always adds to the uncomfortable feeling of un-brushed teeth. By bedtime I am dying to get my chompers clean. It’s not just about the end result either, the actual process of brushing is delightful. Also, I really think that mint is one of the most universally desirable flavors you can possibly experience, besides chocolate of course. Isn’t it wonderful that we get to clean our teeth with such a sublime and revitalizing taste? And I am oh so glad that we are beyond the era of the commercial success of tooth powder. This just adds to the reality that my grandparents generation was far more hearty than my own. I think tooth powder would almost deter me from brushing in the first place. However, It does seem that it is making a comeback with the green movement like all ancient practices of hygiene, but I for one certainly will not be reversing my tooth cleaning practices.

So off I go now to unite my teeth: incisors, bicuspids, molars and all, with a minty fresh burst of Crest.

Nifty tooth powder advert


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