Twenty Four

So this will be my 24th post. And yesterday I turned 24. NBD. (Just as a side note, 24 really does sound a lot older than 23 if I do say so myself… a lot older) If you were concerned, Robbie did treat me very well indeed with the help of JP who is visiting on his way to Dubai. JP brought himself and a present of 2 books from the fam in Langley. Robbie gifted me with some chocolate, a pair of shoes, a cereal container, and two pieces of folded paper. I know some of that sounds really quite insignificant, but it was honestly an incredibly thoughtful gift.

You see in Robbie’s fam, like many families, if an item doesn’t come on time for a birthday or Christmas you simply google an image, print it and explain the significance when the gift receiver unfolds the piece of paper. The piece of paper must be folded of course because without this the excitement is significantly decreased. So the first folded paper I opened revealed a picture of a keyboard. Lo and behold Robbie rented a keyboard for me. I have been dying to play for a while now and I can’t wait to have a non computer keyboard at my constant disposal.

The other mysterious piece of paper revealed a picture of Catholic Answers Magazine. If you haven’t checked out Catholic Answers you really should, whether you are Catholic of not. They are all about explaining the faith and they do a beautiful job of it. Go to their website if you have a moment. Anyways. Robbie got me a year subscription to their magazine. I can hardly wait until the first one gets here. I must be really grown up if I am getting magazine subscriptions.

Oh and as for the cereal container, its just one of those things that I would never get for myself and probably over think purchasing it for at least the next 3 months every time I would go to Superstore. Sometimes husbands just know us too well.

And as for the parentals who brought me into this world, they sent a beautiful display of flowers, specifically roses. It came with a vase and everything, which is wonderful because we’re kind of lacking in that area.

Said flowers

In spite of these wonderful gifts I did distinctly miss my family and friends yesterday. Every once in a while I forget how much has changed in the last year or so due to the busyness of a passing time. However when I really stop to think about it I am both so overjoyed by the changes and sad for those friends and family who are no longer as geographically close. The truth is that I really miss people so much sometimes that it seems to debilitate me, just for a little while. Then Robbie snaps me out of my misery with some silly comment or joke and I am comforted by his very presence. In spite of these little depressive episodes I have always thought of missing other people as a good thing. It lets me know how human I am and that I do indeed need people in my life.

So on this second day of being the ripe age of 24 I am thankful for the pain that I feel in being away from people I love. As I grow older I see that I have left bits of my heart all over this beautiful country in my friends and family. The beauty is that all these different parts of myself are little bits of treasure that I can return to and delight in when the Lord calls me there.

Faithful friends are a sturdy shelter; whoever finds one finds a treasure.

(Sirach 6:14)

So on that note I leave you with a really nifty song that I really like, just for the fun of it. Take it away Jack and White:


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