Robbie: babbler of incoherent things

Here’s a quick little ditty from several months ago that I wrote down right after it happened…In the dead of the night. I found it a while ago and thought it was worth posting. Robbie is known for having sleep talking incidents. This is one of the more ridiculous encounters I have had with my semi-lucid husband.

In the middle of the night Robbie sits up abruptly in bed quite unexpectedly with an loud exhale of air waking a semi awake Laura completely from what little sleep she was enjoying.

Laura says “Jeepers Robbie, you scared me.”

Robbie says “Don’t worry Laura.”

Laura realizes that Robbie is sitting up and has his arms and palms outstretched and facing towards the heavens as if he is in the midst of intense Praise and Worship .

Laura wonders in disbelief  “What the heck are you doing Robbie?”

He replies “I’m just holding this up.”

“What are you holding up Robbie??”

Robbie says  “This ladder piece. “

Laura says “Jeepers Robbie. You’re insane.”

Robbie lets out a single loud and abrupt “HA” with a smile and then lies back down and turns to his left side curling into fetal position.

Laura lies awake thinking “That was too good to be true. I need to write this down.”

To top it all off, I’ve included a video I took of the husbando at Christmas while he was on an epic sleep talking rant. I had just been chatting with my sister Emme until around 2:30 am so Robbie had been out for a little while already. I think he had reached deep sleep by this point.

Robbie likes to point out that it is hilarious that I give him a kiss on the cheek and he then wipes it off with a little disdain. However, I think that what he says is far more amusing. It’s a far cry from his intense debating skills that so many of our friends and family have seen in action, although he still appears to be quoting scripture here. I guess I’m still impressed.


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