Thanksgiving tour

So we have been up to a lot of wonderful things lately. We had a lovely thanksgiving with dear friends where I successfully cooked my first turkey. I was a big fan of the feast, not so much of the giblets and neck. Gross. Enough Said.

The poultry sans neck

So finally as promised here is a little tour of the new place. We are oh so thankful to have another beautiful place to put all our stuff in, prepare and eat meals in, and sleep in. So here goes.

The entrance

Now this is the former tea station bookshelf. But worry not we still have a tea station, it’s just reworked a bit. But now we have a place to put our keys when we waltz through the door.



This is what you see as you walk into the apartment. This closet design is brought to you by Roberto. One thing that is incredible about this new place is the amazing amount of closet space. I’m loving it. Directly to the right of this open closet is a big double-doored beauty that captures my heart like none other as it holds the following:

In their proper place

May I remind you of where one of these babies used to be in Calgary:

Hmm.... Not so much

Anyways, just to the left of the entrance is the dining area. It is highly reminiscent of our Calgary dining area.

We eat here.

Please note that above the china cabinet is a photo frame that no longer contains our “honeymoon” photo. We have moved on from that epic joke. It’s an actual wedding photo.

From the dining area we go to the sitting/living area. This is where all the tea drinking and treat eating goes on.

Cozy sans white chair

Corner shot

View into the dining/entrance area

Please note in the first two photos our beautiful new green couch thanks to the beautiful Jill Milner. It is a gift that is much appreciated!

Now onto the really exciting stuff. There is something quite wonderful about having a larger kitchen then in your last home. My mother currently has the opposite experience and I feel for her big time.

Kitchen Corner

And now I present the reworked tea station.

Station of tea related activities

Thoughts? We might purchase another bookshelf like we had before to set it up as it was before as shown in the photo below:

Tea station in Calgary

I’m still not so sure.

Now onto the bathroom. There is nothing to crazy exciting here. There is tile (not pictured) which is wonderful. A big bonus is having an outlet in the bathroom again. In Calgary I was sad that I couldn’t blow-dry my hair in the bathroom, while Robbie was super bummer he couldn’t brush his teeth with the electric toothbrush.

Try and figure this angle out

Now onto the first bedroom. We don’t have anything on the walls yet. Robbie wants to put our big mirror in here horizontally above the bed, but I’m afraid it will fall on my head during my sleep. Call me paranoid, but I can’t not imagine that happening.

Bedroom sans wall dressings

Now onto the second bedroom.

A cozy bedroom

If you are single this is where you will sleep when you visit us. If you are married you will have to put up with an air mattress, unless you are either of our parents who all have highly un-ideal backs and back problems in which case we will give you our bed. That is until we have a kid. By then we will hopefully have two queen sized beds. Don’t get excited folks, that is still at least a little ways off.

Another exciting feature of this room is the duvet cover. You see before I was married I had a duvet cover for every season of the year. This particular one was reserved for the dawn of spring. It is quite feminine I admit, and Roberto just could not handle the idea of this being on his bed once we were married. So my beautiful feminine duvet covers have been in storage our whole marriage thus far, until now. I am quite pleased that all my duvets will not go to waste.

Files and Printer and Jesus

And here is our latest technological purchase. It is a wireless printer. It kind of freaks me out though as it makes loud noises out of the blue when Robbie is printing something for school. I sometimes think it is an intruder.

So that about wraps things up. I’ll leave you with some photos of some of my dearest friends who were so kind to visit us this Thanksgiving weekend. May we share many more meals and cups of tea together.


Who's up there?

It's Lydia



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