A slower pace of life

I felt the urge this morning to write a bit about what it is like here in Camrose. Robbie and I are experiencing a very strange thing in this beautiful little place. We really only know each other (save for the people in his program) so our main social activities are done only with one another. We have never experienced this type of solitude together ever. I was joking with Robbie yesterday that even before I got to Calgary he was already in a men’s group and on a soccer team. Things were a little slower for me, but before long we were going to almost every single social event. After 10 months of this lifestyle together and an insane month where Robbie started his Masters with an Anatomy class complete with a fascinating cadaver lab while I packed everything up again to move we are actually really enjoying the break from non stop social activity. That being said we’re going to Calgary a lot in the next month, so we’ll make up for it I guess. I think that slowing down will do us a lot of good though, otherwise I was concerned about burning out by the time we reach our late 20’s, especially for my better half.

They've claimed me

As for Camrose, we are finding it to be a charming little city. The name tag pictured above is from a BBQ put on by the community out of their pocket for the university students to encourage interaction between the campus and the community. There were so many lovely people there and the burgers were super yummy. We are also loving the new place. The apartment is almost tour ready after we pull a few more things together.

The strange/awesome thing about Camrose is that everything is a maximum of 5 minutes away. For example, on Friday I needed to grab some milk for tea and cereal on Saturday morning. I drove to the Co-op which is right down the road. On the way there I thought I should grab a filet of salmon for our first Friday dinner in the new place instead of just having toast and soup. The only salmon there was frozen (boo) and the milk ended up being ridiculously over priced ($5.35 anyone?) After hmmm-ing and ha-ing for a few moments I thought “Why don’t I just head to Superstore literally a maximum of 5 minutes away where I know there is fresh salmon… well not frozen salmon and cheaper milk.” So I did. In Calgary the closest Superstore was a 15 minute drive away in each direction. Therefore we are saving numerous hours of our life by living in a small city, not to mention that the gas is cheaper. To my BC friends and family, visit us just to fill up for $109.4… who knows if that will ever happen in beautiful BC again. However, the dilemma is now what to do with the time. I hope to write more. I hope Robbie studies like crazy so he can have a Masters experience he really loves and is perfectly proud of. And I also hope we go on lots of dates. Maybe Robbie will even start joining me on grocery shopping trips. Wishful thinking? It probably is.

Now if you don’t mind I’d love to return to the state of the apartment. We now have 2 bedrooms, which is quite the upgrade. Compared to our Calgary place it is like living in a palace in terms of space. The most exciting thing is that there is a lot of closet space.  And the best part… I get to hang all my sweaters up again. This makes me insanely happy as all my hangers are in commission again. Well except for the ones reserved for pants, which are currently servicing our jackets in the front hall closet and my hoodies which may or may not be invading Robbie’s side of the closet. I guess on the list for the next place we live in is a closet that can fit my pants on hangers too.

Wishful thinking? Again, I think probably yes.


One thought on “A slower pace of life

  1. Laura de Fleuriot,
    I love your posts! I need to save this page because it’s like my tiny “in” into you and Robbie’s life, but more into your sweet thoughts than anything else! I hope you and Robbie have more date nights too. And yay for a palace of a home! God is so good. And please post pictures of your new place on here as soon as it is picture-ready.

    Mel Hux

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