Seeing Music

So the boxes are all packed and stored. Our whole life right now is in the generous Stephen and Tara’s garage. Its amazing what you can live without. We are down to our clothes, a foamie and bedding, a picnic basket with all the utensils and eating materials we need, and our toiletries….. oh and of course we kept the kettle around and a few mugs. It isn’t exactly simple living the way the Saints do it as we kind of just ended up logistically needed to have our stuff out this past weekend. However, it is revealing. I’m more than happy without my toaster or my various cutting boards or even my couch. In fact the house only feels empty because Robbie is gone in Edmonton doing his anatomy and physiology class.

Now that’s a presence I can’t live without.

~Sometimes I Wonder~

Am I the only one who listens to music and ‘sees’ the music. I was driving home today from the far north of the city to our home in the south which is quite a trek. I was flipping through radio stations as I normally do when I drive to pass the time. I was listening to a rag time station and I started to imagine what the band would look like. This is a pretty normal occurrence for me. As I listened to the rag time song I saw each instrument in the band being played by a group of men in a regal setting such as in a beautiful hotel lobby or the dining rooms of the Titanic. I imagined them in tuxes with shiny leather shoes and a clean cut shave and a fresh hair cut. I mostly imagined looking at the actual instrument and seeing how the musician plays it. I could see the fingers of the piano player going at a pace I only dream of playing at. I could see the upright bass player’s fingers making its way around the bridge touching each string in the right place at the right time. Then I imagined the same band playing in some smokey bar for little to no money, but this time they were there for the joy of it. I listened for a few songs and then grew a little weary of the style. Then I landed on some pop station where they were playing a dance song that certainly was not organic. Then I had the dilemma. What do I imagine when listening to pop/dance music. You can’t see any instruments. Should I just imagine a computer genius mixing some beat on a recording program. It was just not as interesting. Don’t get me wrong I love to dance, but this type of music certainly is not a treat to the imagination, but it is strangely hypnotic. The next station I flipped to was bluegrass. Try to have your imagination keep up with that one. That is some seriously fast moving stuff. I have to say that classical music causes the most interesting daydreams for me. Not only do I see the instrument, but I will often ‘see’ the music in a changing kaleidoscopic way. I’ll see distinct colors and indistinct shapes that are constantly changing and morphing into something different. If a new theme comes into a piece I will imagine it as a totally different color and shape then was there before. It’s actually quite an amazing thing to experience. It’s almost like I can’t control it. I find some music way too distracting because of this. This is one area that I just cannot multitask in and like many women I pride myself in my multitasking skills. The husband and I will be tidying our place on a Saturday morning when Roberto will put some music on that is quite complex. A perfect example is Fleet Foxes or EfterKlang.  Then if we change our main task from tidying to chatting I just cannot do both. My brain cannot take it. So if you ever see me with glazed over eyes while music is on in the room and I don’t seem to be listening very well, just know I am fighting a battle with my brain to focus on the conversation at hand. Anyways, is anyone else out there like this? Does music distract you to this extent? Does anyone else see music? Please comment if you have any experience with this, or like Robbie you are married to someone with this affliction/blessing, because let’s be honest, I think its pretty cool that my brain has this ability.

I hope you are all enjoying this lovely weather. My iPhone tells me that the weather is quite lovely in Calgary, Edmonton, Langley, Chilliwack, Kelowna, and London. Enjoy this while you can Canada. We’ll be freezing our buns off before we know it.

I’ll leave you with a sweet photo Robbie took of our beautiful Calgary on the weekend. He’s got quite the eye….. and quite nice eyes too.


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