Cucumbers, Crying, and Chinooks

Today I take a break from cleaning my apartment to get it ready for us to move out (so sad) to jot down some ideas that have been pecking at my brain. As much as I love cleaning floors and baseboards, this is much more enjoyable.

~Sometimes I Wonder~

Why are the majority of cucumbers wrapped in plastic?  Other veggies simply do not have this precedent set for them. I was chopping cucumber yesterday for my couscous salad, a summer favorite thanks to Jen and Darren, when I realized that all veggies are not treated alike. What makes the cucumber so special that it needs to be completely enveloped by a saran wrap, air tight type plastic. I just don’t know. I’m assuming that it helps the cucumber keep for longer, but then when you start chopping into it you break the seal… so what good is it then? Can you imagine if all veggies were like this. I can just see saran wrapped, air tight peppers, carrots, and broccoli. It could really get out of hand, especially with the broccoli.

Sometimes I wonder…. If I have larger or more proficient tear ducts than the average person. Now just so you know its not that I’m a sad person, I just seem to cry with every intense emotion: anger, joy, love, frustration, relief… the list goes on and on. The other day I was watching the results show of ‘So You Think You Can Dance.’ I already knew the results because I guess I’m a little too curious to not look it up. However, when Cat Deeley announced that Melanie made it to the finale I still teared up. Its like I had no control over these tears. They just came as though they were a natural body function like scratching an itch or a sneeze. Then this past weekend I had the privilege of singing at Jessica and Jerome Biollo’s wedding. Their joy was contagious. There was an instrumental piece for her grand entrance so the first thing we sung in the mass was the psalm. Now if you are unfamiliar with the Catholic mass, there is something very intimidating about singing the psalm. Any other time in mass that there is singing there is something else going on, whether its singing the Sanctus in the middle of the Eucharistic prayer, so your attention is to the priest.  Or during the offertory hymn where gifts are brought up the congregation looks towards the people bringing up the gifts and the priest who is preparing for communion. There is always something going on, except for during the psalm. Therefore the congregation is focused on the musicians most intently at this part of the mass. Some even make eye contact. So this last Friday at the wedding I chime in with my female vocal echo part singing the beautiful words “May your love be upon us Lord, as we place all our hope in You,” and I make the mistake of looking up. Directly in my line of sight is Jessica, the gorgeous bride, and her mom. Both of them are beaming and crying tears of joy. Her mom is doing the classic dab under the eyes. They all looked so happy. So my natural body function of tears overwhelms me immediately. The problem is, I am singing. Tears and singing do not always mix so well. Thankfully I have dealt with this problem many times before in mass, whether I’m just overwhelmed by the love of God, or I am singing words that really hit home for me. So for the rest of the psalm I just look at the music stand and concentrate really hard on the words. This method never fails me. I admit I did look up every once in a while, but really… I should know better. So I honestly wonder if biologically there are people with a greater prepotency towards crying. Perhaps I should look to my own mother who may or may not have passed this gene on to me.

Sometimes I wonder.. If my head is going to explode from headaches induced by living in this chinook-run weather system. Honestly, when the weather is all wonky here Robbie and I seem to get headaches that last for days. No amount of sleep (or ibuprofen for me) seems to help. It is ridiculous. It was bad during the crazy winter months where one day it would be +3 and the next day it would be -20. Now its bad again in these summer months where one moment it is sunny and gorgeous and within 5 minutes it is as dark as night and there is torrential rain and very persistent thunder. I actually kind of like the summer storms. They are a fun unpredictable. However, I am not a fan of these headaches. Does anyone have a suggestion to remedy this? Is it really the crazy pressure changes in Calgary? It must be. It seems to afflict more than just myself and Roberto after asking around. Maybe the move further north will do my head some good? Only time will tell.

Well that’s all for now. Sorry about being so long winded. I guess its back to washing floors and baseboards for me. And fun is just around the corner when I get to pack everything up. Thank goodness we kept all our boxes.


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