Sometimes I Wonder.

Sometimes I just find writing really wonderful. Today is one of those times. So I’m thinking of starting something called “Sometimes I wonder” on this lovely blog. That way I can write my day-to-day perplexings (yup, I manipulated that word real good) and still have longer posts that I pour more energy into. Often my thoughts are in questions so hopefully this format will transfer well from brain to keyboard to blog. Nice move on my behalf? I think so. So here goes.

~Sometimes I Wonder~

How did that little bug get in my apartment? We are on the second floor, we have screens on all the windows and we have never taken them off. And now there is a bug in my apartment. I keep seeing it in my peripheral looming by the lamp. Yuck. However, this must be a very clever bug to make it all the way into our place, so I guess a compliment is in order. Nice work you crafty little bug.

How did Robbie get so particular about his signature? He just about gave me a heart attack this evening. He was working away finishing off reports for work when he suddenly and intensely said, “Do you know what I just realized?” I automatically thought “Oh no, he’s been doing something wrong on every single one of his reports that he’s been slaving over.” This “slaving” includes giving up his Saturday and Monday of his long weekend (someone is a very good employee and a very hard working de Fleuriot man). Then, since he is not very good at multi tasking, he left me hanging waiting for the answer to his self-imposed question, which was now imposing itself on me quite persistently. I waited for what felt like eternity (and was probably only 3 seconds), lost my patience and barked at him saying ‘What Robbie?” He then explained that he was unhappy because his signature was unbalanced, but now he is quite chuffed because he found the solution. It has to do with the F in de Fleuriot slightly changing. You see he has to sign his signature on each of his reports so it all made sense to me quite quickly. I do know that his family used to, and come to think of it still sits around practicing and perfecting their signature. It’s a very interesting family activity. And he thinks the Hamels are a bit nuts. Somehow for Robbie it has become a lifelong mission to perfect his signature. I guess there are worse things in the world. Also, I often hear from him how I need to change my F in de Fleuriot because it doesn’t look very nice. Specifically I am making it loop the wrong way. Jeepers.

Why does the sound of boiling water make me so irate? Yesterday I made mashed potatoes for the first time in my married life. So why was this the first time? Because I don’t like them. Its one of the advantages of being the wife. You never have to eat anything you don’t like again because not only do you buy the food, but you make the food. This is pure genius passed on from my Mom. Siblings: do you ever wonder why we didn’t eat French Toast or Squash? Now you know. Anyways, I noticed that once the potatoes were rolling in the boil that the noise made me super agitated. This did not help as I was trying to finish off a roast and decide what to do with the carrots. I was especially annoyed when water would splash over the side and hit the burner making a hissing noise. Robbie saved the day by pouring some of the water out (practical thinker I am not). However, it still made lots of rather violent noise. Does anyone else experience this? It was just so unsettling.

How many times will I move in the next 5 years? I’ve heard ridiculous stories of the early years of marriage involving several moves. With one behind us and one right around the corner in the first 15 months of marriage I’m hoping it doesn’t get out of hand. Any guesstimates one this one? Well, at least we will always have our tea station with a ‘Touch of Earl’ on hand to keep us feeling homey no matter where we go.

Excellent. I feel much better. Now for a cup of tea for me and a bowl of ice cream for Roberto and off to bed.

This is how we roll

A post post post (get it?) Sometimes I wonder how I am supposed to control the size of these fonts on Oh my word it is driving me batty. If only I were a html pro, then I would conquer this silly little thing for sure.


2 thoughts on “Sometimes I Wonder.

  1. Laura, do I need your permission to tell everyone that Robbie a tad effeminate for perfecting his "F" with the right flick of the wrist? Or should I let the truth bubble to the surface on it's own? You know, like the perfectly normal bubbles in boiling water by which no one in their right mind would ever get annoyed?But, Robbie's right. The Hamels are weird. And maybe I'm just jealous of his fine penmanship. And you can't spell "penmanship" without "man". Sigh. OK, Robbie, you win this one.

    • Oh my. I laughed a lot at this comment. Darren, me thinks you need to do a little bit of blogging yourself. After all I haven’t forgotten about I still chuckle thinking about your Tweedle dee and Tweedle mum comment. And the one about the circumcision going terribly wrong. Those are classics in my books.

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