Big changes, Big Ideas.

Mr. and Mrs. de Fleuriot de la Coliniere

372 days ago I last mused to my little world of conquerings. Alot has changed. I have conquered the following:

  • My fear of classroom management. It turns out I can be scary and relatable at the appropriate times
  • I have added a degree to my name.
  • I planned an amazing wedding with my Roberto. It was quite honestly a perfect day.
  • I married Mr. Right (kind of a big deal). Now I am Mrs. Right. We love each other alot and it is beautiful.
  • I set up a wee little home for me and the husbando with lots of his help.
  • I’ve made pizza from scratch. This was probably the most frustrating of my accomplishments in this list.

So what comes now for me? The thing is that I really don’t know. This summer I have spent alot of time waiting for things to happen. The reality is that thats where we’re at. In the meantime its looks like I won’t be going back to school for the first time since I was 3. I have an active little mind and to be honest I’m starting to go a little nutty without any intellectual or creative pursuits. So thus I am creating an opportunity for myself which I’d like to tell you about.

But theres a little back story to it. I have been listening to alot of story tapes lately. This is something I have done since I was a wee little one. For about 3 years I fell asleep listening to Lucy Maud Montgomery’s Jane of Lantern Hill every night. The comforting words would sooth me to sleep. I’ve been getting back into story tapes while doing some odd jobs at my dads work. I’ve been painting, cleaning, and organizing a ton. the story tapes pass the time beautifully.

I revisited one by Mary Higgins Clark the mystery suspense writer. Its called Kitchen Priviledges and it chronicles her life from her childhood in the Bronx to her current state as a best selling author. She has a lovely and often tragic story. She was raised in a good Irish Catholic family so many of her musings on faith and family connect with me. As I listened to it I would often be so touched that I would shed a tear or seven. Just imagine me doing various painting touch ups with my portable casette player (thats right, casette player) plugged into my ears occasionally pausing for a short weep as I reacted to her story and courageous attitude in the face of suffering.

One of the things that Mary Higgins Clark says a couple times throughout her book is that budding writers should always begin by writing what they know. I want to write what I know. I reflected on this and surmised that what I like so much about her own story is that I know the people she is writing about are/were real. They existed and breathed the same air that I do. Mrs. Clark is so gifted at relaying their story because she knew her ‘characters’ intimately. They were her mother, brother, children, and husband. It is her story to tell.

I have therefore decided to write what I, Laura de Fleuriot know. I know and treasure memory and the memories of my family in particular. So starting once a week (a discernable deadline) I will write a story, a poem, an anecdote, really anything about my family members. To be specific I will write only of my immediate family plus my grandparents and of course my newly betrothed husband.

Clear enough? I am excited for I want to share my story with you. Perhaps you will find my family as amusing, beautiful, crazy, ridiculous, and loving as I do.

Here goes.

My family sans Grandparents


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