I take great pleasure in food.

My recent conquerings have included that of baking and cooking. I have always had a desire to conquer these essential parts of life, but often laziness wins in these matters. However, the last couple of weeks have been different. With Robbie working crazy long hours there are less things for me to default to. In the last week or so I have found myself experimenting with such things and alas I have discovered that I find great pleasure in creating food. Perhaps I am drawn to learn these things now as in less than a year I will have my own household of sorts. It certainly helps.

I thought it would be fun to make a list of what I have recently made:
– 2 chicken stirfrys
– a lasagna (with Kyla and Karyn)
– a chicken, blush sauce pasta
– blueberry pancakes
– chocolate, blueberry, banana, chocolate chip pancakes (highly deadly)
– 3-4ish dozen ginger cookies (twice!!)
– 6 dozen chocolate chip cookies
– a chocolate cake from scratch
– chocolate icing (great comfort food)

I have always enjoyed making myself decadent breakfasts. I have created many omelets and ‘gourmet’ egg sandwiches over the years, but this week I have been experimenting with pancakes and toppings.

This little creation is my ‘pink breakfast’. I enjoyed chopped and sugared strawberries on top of blueberry pancakes. It was tres yummy. I enjoyed raspberry yogurt, a touch of earl (grey that is), and pink lemonade.

These were the leftovers from the day before but with blueberries and strawberries on top. I cut the blueberries in half life my sister does for her one year old so they wouldn’t roll away on me. I also had a chocolate chip muffin and white grapefruit juice. I’m a big fan of that juice and so was my nephew Benno.

This last one was a bit excessive. These would be the chocolate, blueberry, banana, chocolate chip pancakes. I topped them off with a blueberry sauce, icing sugar and I’m ashamed to say a bit of chocolate icing. I also had some of my ginger cookies, apple juice, yogurt, and chai tea. Heres a closeup of the pancakes.

I’m a fan, but this is probably something I can only eat about once a year. It was uber rich… super yummy.

So all and all this is lots of fun for me. Hopefully I’ll continue to create and experiment once the school year commences.


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