Love story

This is my love story.

I am moved by love, compelled by love, and I am ultimately designed by love.

Now I am preparing to leave myself behind as much as possible for the sake and calling of loving another person completely and fully. I want this to be a fairy tale, and in many ways it is. He came from another land, a handsome foreigner with a stellar accent different from me in every way, but our faith. God literally moved an entire family across the world and as a result I met my man. I call that epic. We met when we were young, very young. We both fell quick and fast. I can safely declare now my secret that I knew, I really knew he was the one from very early. I remember in the early days daydreaming and imagining Robbie travelling to Canada from Africa in shining armor. I would be waiting in my castle, princess hat and all. I would imagine God moving mountains for him to get to me. And then he was there, and we were happy and it was sunny.

There were signs everywhere that it was intentionally orchestrated by our Papa. He pursued me through all my inner selfish struggles of learning to love another person. I resisted and was confused and doubted, but he was convinced. He was my constant, a rock. I don’t know what I would be if I’m using metaphors, probably something like a butterfly or a very restless kitten, but I know for sure that I was sure alot more flakey then him.

Then one day he asked me the question I’d been waiting for, praying for, hoping for for what seemed like forever, but I guess it really wasn’t. Led by Our Lord Jesus to His mother in a beautiful graveyard of all things he asked me. I love that it was in a graveyard. ‘Till death do us part.’ I think thats beautiful.

I was, am dumbfounded by the fact that I am now engaged. I feel like a feather. I feel amazing.

So this is my side of the love story, the girly romantic side.


I have learnt that life isn’t always a fairytale. Life is draining, love is a sacrifice of self. I have been able to truly see how selfish, how self centered, how unaware of others we are. I am incredibly weak without Christ. I am nothing without him. I truly need him to love others, to love Robbie.

Dating Robbie has been my renaissance. He has allowed me to be myself, to surrender to who I am. Hes taught me that life is better when you choose to love it and not just hope that life will treat you kindly. It is our choice to live with joy or to reject it. Robbie challenges me when I need it. He is not afraid to disagree with me. Most importantly he isn’t fooled by me when I’m putting on an act and he will relentlessly and patiently wait until I reveal the real Laura. This hasn’t been easy for me, but I wouldn’t want it any other way.


While I am far too sensitive and he is perhaps far too practical we have reached a place of balance that isn’t always comfortable, but it always challenging and changing us for the better. You are the potter and we are the clay.

This is my love story that will last. I am sure of it.

And if you still are confused about how I feel, this piece of music says it all.


One thought on “Love story

  1. Congrats Laura!By the way I loved your post! It was so beautiful and completely profound. You were truly designed for love, and it is evident that Robbie and you were designed to experience a great love together!Mush, mush…I love it!Holly

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